EUCAS 2017 – 2nd Announcement

EUCAS 2017

17-21 September 2017
Centre International de Conférences, Genève, Switzerland

Organized under the auspices of ESAS by CERN, in collaboration with EPFL and University of Geneva

Call for contributions
On behalf of the Organizing Committee of EUCAS 2017, it is our pleasure to call for your technical contribution to the conference. All technical contributions shall address physics and engineering aspects of applications of superconductivity, covering the whole spectrum: from materials to applications, from established LTS to prospected HTS, from small-size to large scale. See the submission category list as a guideline. All abstracts will be reviewed for relevance and content by the Program Committee. Note that abstracts only weakly related to superconductivity should be submitted to specialized conferences. Examples are abstracts dealing only with smart power grid, specific cryogenic and manufacturing equipment, power converters, modeling or code development.

Abstract submission
On line abstract submission opens December 15th 2016 through the conference web site. The deadline for abstract submission is March 31st 2017. Abstracts submitted post-deadline will only be considered at the discretion of the Program Chair.

Please select a topic/subtopic for your abstract from the list of submission categories and provide enough information to place correctly the presentation in the conference program.

Oral and posters
When submitting an abstract, please specify your preference, either for an “oral/poster” or “only poster” contribution. We plan to limit the number of parallel oral sessions at the conference, and only a limited number of contributions will be selected for oral presentation. A few contributions may be elevated to invited talk.

The originality of the content is a key criterion for acceptance of the abstract. The decision about acceptance or rejection of the abstract after review by the Program Committee will be communicated to the author by mid May 2017.

Presentation and publication
Contact information is required for the Submitting Author and the Presenting Author (which may be, but are not necessarily, the same person). The attendance of the Presenting Author at the conference is a mandatory condition to maintain the presentation in the technical program.

All papers presented at the conference will be eligible for submission to a peer-reviewed, special issue of IEEE Transaction on Applied Superconductivity.

Contact e-mail:

On behalf of the Local Organizers, and the Program Committee, we are looking forward to your contribution that will make EUCAS 2017 a most exciting event!

Luca Bottura and Lucio Rossi, Chairs
Amalia Ballarino, Industry and Sponsorships
Pierluigi Bruzzone, Program Committee Chair
Carmine Senatore, Publication

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