ASG Superconductors / Columbus Superconductors


ASG Superconductors is a dynamic business reality, and a leading player in the international market of superconducting magnets systems design and manufacturing. With a legacy of success built in over 60 years of service in the development of magnets for applications in the domains of high energy physics and thermonuclear fusion, ASG is active, since a decade, in the design and manufacturing of OEM magnetic systems for MRI, UHF MRI, radiation and particle therapy applications and in the design of magnetic systems for the energy sector (SMES, FCL, wind turbines, energy transport).

ASG’s competencies range from design and manufacturing, up to testing of complete superconducting magnet systems both using cryogens and cryogen-free.

ASG’s experience in delivering very high performance, one-of –a-kind system in close collaboration with the most prominent research institutions worldwide has determined the attitude to partner with the customer rather than being a mere supplier: a company culture determining today ASG’s success as an OEM provider.

Columbus Superconductors is a company focused on the R&D and commercialization of new superconducting materials like MgB2.

Columbus has developed a proprietary method to manufacture MgB2 wires, in such a way that its products are mechanically robust, reproducible and low cost compared to the other HST currently developed in form of long conductors. The reliability of the MgB2 wires has been already demonstrated by the realization of a number of real-scale prototype devices, such as open-MRI systems, induction heaters, fault current limiters and numerous other magnets.

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