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Geneva 2017 Sponsoring Invitation

Dear Future Sponsor,

The 13th European Conference on Applied Superconductivity, EUCAS 2017, will take place in Geneva from 17–21 September 2017. The EUCAS conference is one of the most successful series of bi-annual conferences on superconducting materials and their applications. While born as a medium size European conference, it has increased in attendance and gradually opened up to a wider participation, with attendees from Asian countries – mainly Japan, China and Korea – and the United States.

After the success of EUCAS 2015 in Lyon, we expect more than 1000 participants from all over the world. Different topics will be presented covering superconducting materials, large scale applications of superconductivity and electronics. In order to emphasise the importance of industrial research and development and to give industry a prime way to present itself, an industrial plenary event will take place. Invited speakers from the industry involved with advanced technological development will present and discuss their efforts in the field and their most recent achievements.

Do not miss out the great opportunity to showcase your products and ideas and make personal contacts with scientists and industry professionals from all around the world. Please find attached the sponsoring catalogue and the floor plan of this upcoming conference for your perusal. Thank you for answering by e-mailing the sponsoring catalogue, filled-in with your choices, to sponsoring@eucas2017.org and amalia.ballarino@cern.ch.

We look forward to meeting you at EUCAS 2017 in Geneva.

With kind regards,


Dr. Amalia Ballarino
CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research
EUCAS 2017 Industry sponsorship and exhibition
E-mail: amalia.ballarino@cern.ch

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